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Original kitchen hooks, hangers fruit shape and vegetables shape: apple, pear, strawberry and pepper

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Hanger with a pepper-shaped hook.
Hand painted resin.Made in Italy

Max load 3 kg. 

weight gr. 220
dimensions cm L 8 x P 4 x H 12

box cm L 12,5 x P 12,5 x H 10

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Hanger with hook, strawberry shape.
Hand painted resin. Made in Italy

weight gr. 90
dimensions cm L 5,5 x P 3 x H 9

box cm L 10,5 x P 10,5 x H 9
box weight gr. 160

Max load 3 kg. 

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hanger wall, hanger pear shape holders towels. 

Hand painted resin, can support a maximum load of 3 kg.
Made in Italy

weight gr. 125
dimensions cm L 6,5 x P 3 x H 12,5

box cm L 8,5 x P 8,5 x H 17
box weight gr. 210

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Wall hanger hook potholders tea towels apple.
Hand painted resin. Max load 3 kg. Made in Italy

weight articolo gr. 150
dimensions cm L 7,5 x P 4 x H 10,5

box cm L 10,5 x P 10,5 x H 9
box weight gr. 220

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